You would never believe it – but this woman is 55 years old! Missionary, mother, grandmother, pastor and much more. And on this day – her young and beautiful spirit was able to show through all of those years of hard earned work. 

This lovely woman is also a hard working, single mother of 2. Never has had time to put into herself. On this day – I was able to be a part of her full transformation for a date – that had been longgggg over due! She finally could say she felt beautiful for the first time in a long time!

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t put myself on here! These are very old pictures – so the quality is not the greatest. But as you can see – I went from a dorky, tom-boy with braces, to what you see now to the right. 
20171130_035412220921964.jpgThis is me as well…. trying to get my body back after my second pregnancy. It was far from easy. But after applying my tricks – I finally got it together!  

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