Products that WORK

So I am sharing with you some AWESOME products that really do work! Some can be a little pricey – but all worth the money if you are looking for real results you can count on! 

Sugar Bear Hair

After using this product for 2 weeks… I noticed a dramatic difference in the length, smoothness, and shine of my hair. I was absolutely floored how quickly I saw results! I had been taking Biotin supplements FOREVER. And this was the first time I ever really noticed any real difference. I am HOOKED. 


I experimented on my hair once bleaching it several times due to my hair being SO BLACK, creating a balayage look for the summer. If it were not for this product – I probably would have no hair left. This truly saved my hair from breaking off and preventing any damage from the bleach. I now have this product handy in my shower and put a very small dime size every week. 1 bottle is enough to last you a VERY LONG TIME. 

10 Hair Care Miracle Hair

In my opinion this is one of the BEST hair masks on the market today. Granted there are A LOT out there that I like too. But this one really sticks out from the rest – for me. It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth until I wash it again. Great product! 


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