3 DIY Facial Recipes 


Nothing more important then starting your facial with a good home made exfoliating face wash. Only two things you need…


Mix these two up just enough to make a paste. Then rub in circular motions.

You will notice your skin instantly brightened, and extremely smooth.

This is my favorite part!

  • LEMON 
  • HONEY 

Mix 1 egg with just the egg white (remove the yellow yolk) a few squeezes of lemon juice and some honey. Apply as much as you can to your face as you would a mask. It may be a little slimy and awkward to get on your face at first. Let it sit and dry for approximately 10-15 min. Then rinse off.

You will notice your pores dramatically shrink, and skin tighten.


After all that exfoliating and tightening… your face is going to be screaming for some moisture.


With these two, a little goes a long way! Mix an equal amount of both together to make a paste. And apply a little to your face, rub in well.

Great facial regimen when you are on a budget, or want to use some home made natural products. 

Quick Fix: TOP 5


Why not start this journey with a “QUICK FIX!” I am going to give you my top 5 recommendations of the best tips and tricks to shed those unwanted pounds within a matter of just a few days! No better way to jump start this transformation then with some quick results.


A mix of a few of my favorite detox fruits that really do the trick. Chop up some LEMON, LIME, and GRAPEFRUIT and mix with water. Let it sit for a few hours to soak up the juices. Ideally if you can get a Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – this will make your life MUCH EASIER. Try and keep this bottle full all day- and all day drinking…Fruit Infuser Bottle


Any kind of cleanse that you can do for yourself – is the very best way to jump start your system and increase your ability to shed pounds quicker. One that I highly recommend and notice a difference right away is from Ideal Shape. Ideal Renew Probiotics


Now we all know there is no way around weight loss success with out putting that work in! I recommend at least 30 minutes of high intensity circuit training, or some kind of boot camp training daily. A wonderful option that I started out with many years ago, and still works wonders! Is the good old – Shaun T- INSANITY workouts. Beachbody Insanity


This is one of those ventures I tested out for myself many years ago – and realized – it actually WORKS! This body wrap will give you instant gratification by slimming down your waistline and/or other body parts within the first 45mins. Its also a great product to tighten and firm skin, as well as help diminish cellulite. You can do this wrap every 3 days if you would like. It Works Wrap


There are soooo many GREAT protien shakes out there that will give you results and will satisfy your hunger for several hours. I have tried a billion of them! And I have to say – the very best shake I have seen thus far, with lowest amount of sugar, high protein, and great taste- is also Ideal Shape Meal Replacement Shakes. I would replace your breakfast with this shake. And if you want a rapid weight loss within the first few days – try replacing lunch as well. Ideal Shape Shakes

And there you have it! The first few steps to success! Make sure to check back in with me and let me know how these tips worked out for you!

Simply Beautiful You!

Your full transformation is on the way! I have created this site to provide tips, tricks and the full inside scoop on how to completely change your look starting from the outside and working your way to the in. If you have lived most of your life envious of others weight loss success, or natural looks – this is for you! If you never have time for yourself or have had the toughest time reaching your personal health goals – this is for you! If you just want to STOP feeling ugly, unwanted, and worthless – THIS IS FOR YOU! Its time to begin this journey to reach every single goal you NEVER thought you could reach before. Its time to dig up, recreate, and find that NEW- SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL YOU!